Cake Cup

Only Just A Long Entry With A Lot Of Story


Hye my dear, how your day ?!?!?

Well for your knowledge my Facebook's account has been hacked for 3 times ! I know the hacker ! 

He hacked my Facebook for 3 times ! He knows my email. Btw, he is my ex ~ 
But does he needs to hack my Facebook ?? Lol, he is really an annoying person.

Okay for the next story is I want to tell about my new classmate !

I knew some of the boys in my class but some I don't know. 

Well, one of the boy in my classroom face like always have a problem ! I really don't know him a lot. But I always look at him. Lol. I look at him is't not mean I'm in love with him but I'm look at him because I always feel weird with him !


My new classmate is not sporting like my old classmate ! Really, they were too boreddd ! And they will forever being bored classmate =,= ! So, unlucky got a class with boring boy friends. 

So, seriously.. I really miss my old classmate. 


One thing I forget, yesterday I have got a new BROTHER ~ loL. He is older than me but he was born in the same year with me "2000"

We are 13 this year. We study in the same school but I am in the morning session, he is in the evening session.

Every Thursday we can meet.. 

*I really lazy to write a long story, but for you.. I will*


The next is let's talk about "How to troll people or your friends on Facebook"

If you want to troll either your friend or your family or random people, you can ! Lol.. 

So, if you know or don't know, you just shut up. I just want to tell you all about this troll..

Okay firstly, I made a new email.. I really like to make a new email using Yahoo more than Google. 
After all, I created a new Facebook account. I took random people photos that I found on the Google. I gave my fake Facebook account name "Nadira Alissa".

Then, after finished do all the things. I add all of my friends.. 

I pretend being another people. I asked them "Does he singles or not?"

After they gave the answer, I will ask them "Could you be my couple?"

Lol, this is a love troll. You can make your fake Facebook couple more than 2 or 3 people. Make them jealous. So, from there you can see how loyal they are =') ~ You can try this with your boyfriend. 

But make sure you must make them convenient with you before asking them !

Then, you will know how much your boyfriend loves you. 

So, until here ! Sorry for the wrong spelling or anything else.. 

See you on the next entry ! Bye2 Tata !!