Cake Cup


Hi peeps! Its me. 
Do you know who I am?
As the owner of this blog.
I need to tell all the readers what is my name.
So, my name is Nur Aliyah Zaimi.
You can call me Liya.
Born on 18 || 10 || 2000
At Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur
A student and still studying.

*I  love cat
*I appreciate food than souvenir
*I make notebook as an exhibition
*I love to eat sambal belacan
*I can't touch dog & pig. But I do feel bad if anyone did animal abuse on them
*I hate losing friend
*I have a big dream
*I easily feel pity on people
*I always crying
*Having big nose yet still cute
*I love makeup 
*I like to watch DIY videos on Youtube
*I love watching animes
*I like reading comics

Anything more?
So, I created this blog and edit it by my own knowledge and talented.
I do not use any blogskin or what. 
And today, I realize.
How stupid am I, because I don't know how to edit my blog anymore.

So then? Nahh, people keep calling me an 'over girl'
you know what? 
Because when I laugh of something funny or what.
I will always be over and over.
And what should I say is. 
I don't care if people want to judge me ♥