Cake Cup

Best Friend

What is like to have a best friend?

I never considered anyone as my best friend.
But someone considered me as their best friend.
And I lost them..

I hate the feeling when someone just looking for me when they need my help.
But when they don't need anything, they just ignore me.

The ugly truth is, I really want to have a best friend.
I do have a guy best friend, but all I want is girl.

Typical me, I get envy to someone who has something beyond than me.
I hate to see all the girls are hanging out with their girl friends a.k.a bestie.
I want someone who sticks with me at my bad and completing each other.
Someone that enjoy my tease and not taking my words seriously.
But they do understand when I'm joking or being serious.
Console me at my doesn't-make-sense-reason.
There is no goodbye between us, having a conversation morning and night.

People like me don't deserve a best friend, I know.





When everyone has their partner, I will be the one who has no partner.
Even sitting in the bus.

Everyone is just..
I don't know.

I'm not the only human who making sins in this world.
But why am I the only person who has no friend?

I hope there will be another chance, I swear I will treat them right.
Only one is enough.

I want someone who can be there with me.
I really need company, a shoulder, instead of family.

In success man life, there will be a strong woman behind them.
In a strong girl life, there will be a loyal girl behind them.

O Allah, if you hear my pray. Please give me a good friend and make me as one of the good friend to them.

From a piece of broken heart,
Alone in the dark.