Cake Cup


 More about me?

I am a girl.
'Over' is part of me.
Judge me if you are perfect enough.
I know I'm not perfect.
People can change.

Always be in my side.
Sometimes make me feel like I am not exist.
But family is still family.
They accept you, you need to accept them.

Don't be a fake friend.
Just need a friend. Who knows me a lot. Accept me, whatever I be. Advise me, if I do a mistake. Not to make me feel guilty everytime.

Teacher? Boy friend? Girl friend? Classmate? Or anyone else?
Let me give a simple explanation.

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That's all.

If you really think, I am not suppose to do this kind of entry on this page.
So go and blahhh.
Nobody cares :) 


Lola said...

Okay ~ Btw, nice blog owner ;)

i_creamgirl said...

Thank you my dear.. make sure you leave your link or something else okay =D ~

nursafira@fyraa said...

I like your blog . done follow you .. :)