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Greyson Concert at Malaysia !

Hi ! I cannot stop talking about this think and so excited to go to Greyson's concert (only on my dream) .. hahah ... I open the twitter just now and I look at Greyson's twitter ... he tweet on his twitter like this :-

look2x !on Tuesday is it 17-4-2012.. Greyson's concert at Malaysia .. Malaysian fan very excited !! haha because they cannot wait for Greyson's Concert on Tuesday ! on this WEEK ! can't wait for a long time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it to .. arg I cannot say anything because I to Excited hehehh =,='

ohh this is one pic greyson took when he on car ... 

hahahahah awesome ! cute ! handsome ! adorable ! hahhaha so many thing to say isn't ?? 

Finally,Asian Fan you all are lucky cause Greyson better like him Asian fan haahahah !^_^
"sorry if this think make another people feel annoyed"

what else ?? hmm, of course this top 10 fan of Greyson will be the first come to his concert  she2x 

Secret Girl =,='
**if you be invited by that girl to read her blog ... you can read her blog .. but if you not invited to read her blog .. SORRY2x  SORRY2x  SORRY2x  SORRY2x   ok !

thats all ^_^ ! ENJOY READING