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Latest Version How To Delete Your Image On We Heart It

Hi guys, it been a long time since my last entry. I'm so sorry about that, anyway for this entry I'm going to teach you guys how to delete your image (permanently) on We Heart It. I've made this entry a few years ago. Have you ever read about that? If you haven't, try to take a look here.

Many of you guys commented on my blog said that We Heart It has changed, so those tutorials are invalid anymore. Here I go with another latest version, so I hope you guys found this entry helpful.

Before we get started you guys should know about this,
(click the pic to see clear)

skip or scroll down if you are lazy to read this hahah

Click "report this entry"

Read the sentence that in the red box
You need to know that reporting & un-hearting your image is not going to delete the image (permanently). So the thing that you need to do is to claim copyright.


And this thing will coming out

For this, you have to fill everything except the fax and Zip/Postal Code
Follow the steps down below
  1. Put the link of the image that you want to delete
  2. Write your full name
  3. Also write your full name
  4. For this, you just type "I need to delete my own image" or anything that you think necessary
  5. Put your own email
  6. Put your own number phone
  7. The city, street and state I just put the same because I think this is too much privacy needs to tell. So I put "Kuala Lumpur" for three of these.
  8. Select your country, like mine Malaysia.
  9. Tick everything because its a must
  10. Again you have to type your full name.
  11. Last step is click the "submit complaint" button.
After that, this will be shown 
If you check your email, you will get an email like this from We Heart It
(click on image to see clear)

Your work here are done, so you need to wait for a few hours, and then check again your email. Make sure you will get this email.

Okay for this email you don't have to be worried because it just an information emails to tell you that your image has been deleted. Click one of the email that you got, and you must get the same emails as me.

Okay! Now copy the link (the one in the red box) like i do and its time to check the image either it has been deleted or not.

Yeah! Now the image has been deleted, I hope you guys get the same result as I do. Please do not be so stressed. Take it easy okay. I hope you find this entry really helpful and also thank you to all the readers that help me reaching 20k readers!

♥ Thank you so much ♥

♥ Enjoy reading ♥


The Creational Princess said...

Thank you so much! I just received the first email and now i just have waits few hours to see if they deleted my photo.☻☆

Liya said...

@The Creational Princess Glad to know that :)

mino san said...

they finally deleted my photo, thank you so much!

Liya said...

@mino san You are welcome sweety

Anonymous said...

This was so helpful thank you so much!!