Cake Cup

My "Dishonourable" Life

"Don't promise when you're happy, Don't reply when you're angry, and don't decide when you're sad."
This word is to touching and I can't be a mental people .. I'll crying 
because about this thing.

Where I can get my spirit ?
from ? who ?
Ghost ?!?!

Answer is "NOBODY"!

It is to hard for me .. when someone DISHONOURABLE me
It's to HURT .. but I'm to scare to dishonourable back..

I think I'm to benevolent right ??

I cannot decide a several thinks like :-

My promises,
My thinks,
My best friends,
My best songs,
anything that I cannot decide...

I'm to afraid to listening bad compliments about me...
don't you same like me too ??

of course a several people like me too right isn't ?
I'm a FORGET people in the world

sometimes .. I came late to school ...

cannot believe I'm like that ..
if this world are mine 
It is to easy for me ..
what I want, I closed my eyes then I'll open it
what I wanted is in front of me ..

My teachers say "Nothing is impossible" 
if you want somethings .. you do hard 
you will get the result :D

Enjoy Reading Thank :* YOU


Anonymous said...

I'm here to give u Spirit okay .. don't said you are dishonourable .. you can be a perfect people .. because until today nobody be a perfect .. you can be the FIRST :D

i_creamgirl said...

You think that I'll be the best .. don't dream to high .. because I can't do..

Anonymous said...

don't do it's to hard do it with carefully and smartly :)

i_creamgirl said...

Thank for make me smiles back :) you are the good people that I ever chat today :P

Anonymous said...

LOL! you are to funny .. I gonna follow you okay :*

i_creamgirl said...

nothing change !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i_creamgirl said...

what happen ??

Anonymous said...

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