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Hello still with me Elly, until you done read this entry ! okay2x never mind we start our topic about

                       GREYSON DAY !
before we begin the story about that ... look at the picture :-

wow so surprising right ? I don't know tomorrow Saturday at 12pm  7-April-2012, we can meet greyson chance at One Utama ! and it is the day of GREYSON DAY ! 
its mean you can meet greyson and get an autographed for you ! 

I'm from Malaysia so I knew where you can bought a ticket :-

For Malaysian Fan you can go to this website 

Bought a ticket at Malaysia

  •       For detail

 For other Asian country, you can bought a ticket with any certain website
Just for Singapore,Indonesia,Philippines.

- Bought a ticket at Singapore

- Bought a ticket at Indonesia

- Bought a ticket at Philippines

P/S :-

I knew about this for Malaysia or other Asian country, If you know On March
Galaxy's Magazine make a competition for Greyson's Fan to make an essay "why you like Greyson Chance?"
who the winner got A ticket to go to Greyson concert

- If your essay are the best of the best you get

VVIP Ticket

- If your essay are just complete and just have a good Idea you get


-If your essay just normal and not to best you get


so just that :) HAppy and ALways CHILL :D huhu !

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