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Hi Blogger ! I'm back from my holiday.. *holiday?*

Lol. My school has started.So, I can't online 24/7 !

I just can online on Saturday and Sunday.

Its only fifth day of 2013 but I already miss my friends. Now, I'm lonely. With just a few of friend can't make me happy all the time ! ='(

Most of my friend goes to another school. 2013 we are not study at the same school. 

Okay2, stop talking about this ! Herrrr =,=

What I want to talk is, I want to talk about my older sisters. 

Actually, I have 3 sister. But right now I want to story about two of my sister. Well, my oldest sister right now is studying at India.

Without wasting any time, I'm begging the story..

Tonight 2 of my sister will busy updating a new entry for their blog. They cheating me !

Lol. I don't care. For your knowledge I am right now laughing because my sister make some joke ~ ! Ish, Btw, I hate my brother as well.

He hates when  he online.. after then, he left computer for a while and then another people play the computer !

Same like me. But he didn't understand ! So, =,= ~

Okay until here tata ~

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