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Last Day Of 2012

Hye guys ! Today is the last day of !

Don't you feel happy ? 


Tomorrow is a new day and a new year =) I really not too happy because 2012 have a lot of memories for me. 

Never thought this day will come. But we have to accept it. Either you want or not, you need to accept it.

Even it too hard to accept it. Btw, what will you do to celebrate new year ? I do nothing =')

I just be with my family, watching television and online or play computer!

Ouh ! But, something I need to tell you all, I won't forget all memories that happened on 2012.

Aren't you too ? I miss all of my friends, classmates, teachers, school and everything at my primary school. Now, I'm going to continue studying at SECONDARY SCHOOL ! How sad right ? 

Some of my friend going to continue studying at another place which is they can stay at HOSTEL.


If I could stop the time. I do and I will stop it. I don't want time continues moving ! 

I don't want to grow up ! I just want this life forever ='(

I hope this world will be mine one day.

I can do nothing to make this world mine. So, I just can life and live strong. 

My wish 2013 is :-

I hope I can forget someone I really love.

I hope 2013 will be the best year like 2012.

I hope everything will be okay.

And everything that I need, I get !

That's all bye ~

I wish you will be happy celebrating new year =')

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