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Best Friend

"Best Friend" People who really knows you a lot. Without thinking anything they will always accompany you when you are alone. 


I have a friend. I have a best friend. She likes to be crazy. But sometimes she makes me laugh with her crazy stuff ! Lol

Dia suka perasan. Bajet lagi comel dari Elly. Benci nyer >_< ! Dia gila2 sikit. Hahaha ! She really makes me want to die. 

So, when I need her. She will always be there to help me. Elly dengan dye cepat jerr jadi best friend *really ?*

Hahaha ! So, 2012 have a lot of memories about me and she. We studied in the same class on 2012. 

Lol, dye comeyy, Elly pown comeyy ! Adil ? So, she's not the only one my best friend but I have 2 more best friends. 

Anyway, I want to talk about she..

Well, She was born to be a girl not a boy.

♥ Her name is Noor Zam Zam Shuhadah Bt Zakaria
♥ She was born at Pusat Rawatan Islam Kuala Lumpur
♥ On 24/10/2000. She's younger than me in about 6 days. 

She sometime makes me feel annoying with her. Herrr =,=..

Lol, OH yeah.. During school holiday I will always miss her ! ='(


She likes one boy in my school ! Lol.. But now dye dah tak suka .. Relax ! Chill doh !

Dye nie annoying, kadang2 adalah benda dye merapu2 .. org buat sikit cepat terasa *tetiba*

But, those all the things didn't make me tire friend with her. 

So, anything else ? Nothing.. Dye kuat perasan terutama ! 

Jadi nie lah kisah tetang kawan baik Elly, 
Want to know who she is ? Here the link, click here
That's all ! So, don't understand ?? 

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