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About One Of My Friend

I have a friend, I have a really an annoying friend. He was born to be a boy. So, I don't mind if he a boy or girl. I'm friend with everyone.


Even everyone don't like him much. But I do I like him as friend, He was born on 10/10/2000. He older than me in about 8 days. So, can I call you brother ? 

His name is Nazirul Adzly Bin Noor Azizul Azmi.

He sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes makes me want to kill him. 

LOL. I'm really lucky to have a friend like him. He really kind-hearted boy !

He helped me with his stupid idea. Maybe most of my friends don't know about him a lot. But for me, I know about him a lot. 

He is a good boy. "Korang memang tak tahu perangai dye, dye memang nampak mcm hardcore, gangster atau taiko kat skolah tapi kalau korang rapat ngan dye korang tahu lah dye punyer attitude mcm mne !"

"You can't judge a book by it cover" So, same like him. You can't judge him by his body, by his skin or anything else. 

I may not be his best friend but I might be his friend. Only being his friend is enough for me. I don't need more than that. 

He makes me crazy, He makes me die, He makes me laugh and more. But one thing he makes me cry, when he called me "SETAN" ahahaha. I really mad on him. But I'm not mad at all. I just keep my patient.

Sorry because late reply your messages =3. I'm a little bit busy =P !


Nobody knows you a lot even they are your parents. Who knows you a lot is your friend =)

They are will always with you when you happy or sad.

*Maybe ayat aku terlampau jiwang, Really? Okay Thanks*

For me "He exists when I really need him >_<" *Ceh tipu jer lah =P

So, for everything I has done to you. I am so sorry ! Everyone makes a mistake right ? So, sorry for everything. 

Bahasa rojak ! Campur2 bahasa Melayu dengan English

Okay want to know who he is ? go to his Facebook, here

Bye I need to sleep ! =3 Happy with this !!

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