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The Reason Why Girls Wear Make Up

Hi guys! For this entry it going to be the reason why girls wearing make up. I know most of the guys think that girls wearing make up just to impress a guy, I don't think so and you guys should know much better


Make up is fun for us. We are not only wearing make up just to impress a guy, to make guys falling in love with us. Well that's what every guy thinks. Well actually every time when I put em make up on my face. I never think that I'm wearing make up for someone. I'm just wearing make up to make my own self feels pretty about me.  Meanwhile still a lot of guys say that we are wearing make up for them.

Other than that, sometimes immature boys in my country use to condemn those girls who are wearing make up. I mean wearing make up is not illegal in my religion, but if we put it too much, it will be "tabaruj" and if you don't know what tabaruj is. Go google find out about it more. 

I like to wear make up, maybe some of you guys think what best thing that I found out from make up? I mean heyy it can be a confidence booster. You don't know what those girls are going through. They even judge theirselve for not being pretty. They hate it, but once they try to wear make up. They will say make up is quite fun.

I started wearing make up since I was younger, I am now 15 and not yet turning to 16. Well when I was younger, I think I was a kid, like 5 to 6 years old. My sister that older than me 1 year. She likes to wear make up since she was a kid and I just followed her. So when she asked my auntie to put em make up for us and I'm joining her. That time, I just wear make up because I used to follow whatever she did.

Well I'm growing up with 3 sisters that older than me and 2 brothers older me, that means I am the youngest in my family. Every time when we want to go to wedding ceremony or any ceremony or going to shopping mall. My sisters wearing make up. So by looking what they are doing, I am following them, so little by little I started to love wearing make up. I even have my make up kit. That does not mean Im wearing make up to impress boys. Make up is fun.

So stop judging, be more understanding and spreadthe good vibe & positive :) 

love Aliyah <3


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