Cake Cup

A long time break

Its been a long time not to update anything here. 
I just got confused with my emails, gmail and ymail
Firstly i thought, i will never open my blog anymore. But here i am! 
Btw, i just used twitter and rare using my facebook acc. 
Well i dont like to see a lot of photo in facebook, like what the hell. 
Do they dont get tired of taking selfie every hour? 
*this is me after mid year exam*
Im a bit of different nowaday.

So at my home, we used to take care of those two cats.
One is a girl and one is a boy. 
They are fighting, but they are still young & little haha.
The fucking moment when the cat is peeing on me,
you know what? i put it on my upper leg. shit haha!
Then im being insane, i put the cat in the toilet and wash his butt,
i mean his ((argghh what the hell that we called, i forgot.)) 
and i feel satisfied.

Well i have this one girl in my school, shes pretty,
she has a white skin, shes cute and every boy will likes her.
But i dont really like her attitude, you know why? 
She said she comes from a poor family,
his father owe a lot of money.
Then her mother uses note2, 
katanya astro kena tarik lah, wifi kena tarik lah.
what the fuck with her?
She uses her "prettiness" to make people likes her.
and feel sorry towards her.

Well im done, bye.


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